The Bad Example

Showing You A Life Lived Through Bad Examples


Every single one of us has a little voice inside their head that talks constantly.  Honestly, my husband should be grateful that he is listening to my outer voice instead of what prattles on inside my head! But isn’t the fact that we even have voices in our head, carrying on, just so wonderous?

I remember when I was a little girl, and first realizing that everyone had a little voice of their own.  Up until that point, I really thought that I was the only one who had her own little personal accomplice tucked away.  And in reality, I still didn’t think that everyone on earth could hear someone because I remember one day, seeing one of my half-siblings purposefully pissing off good ol’ mom and step-pop and thinking, “Well, she doesn’t have anyone in there telling her to shut her mouth.” She was always mean to me too so I never offered to let her borrow mine.

Even as an adult, this little whisperer fascinates me. Is this our souls, trying to guide us down the better path? Hmmm, if it is, my soul must not be as pure as I would like because sometimes I have to argue with that little murmur because it is wanting me to really kick the shit out people.

Is it echo’s of memories inside my brain that link up to current thoughts? This could have some merit I guess because listening to that little voice does help me correct a past mistake or two at times.  But if that was the case that would mean I would or should never make the same mistake twice; and that definitely is not how I live my life.

As I write this I have tried to do some googling on if anyone out there has been able to map out this little voice in the brain while it is active, and I think just by googling that topic, I may have been placed on a “this chick is crazy” list somewhere. But nothing exists. Something for my little pent-up friend to ponder in there tonight as my body is trying to fall asleep. And that is another wondering fact, is the voice I hear during the day in charge of what I dream at night?  Are those even dreams?

What if we didn’t dream at all; what if there really is an alternate reality out there that we consider our “dreams” and when we are there, it is our inner voice living out its day.  I know I talk to myself in my dreams.  Maybe what I consider as my real voice is my inner voice during my dreams. And when we are awake, that is an alternate reality to my inner voice.

Oh my gosh, I think I just solved one of the mysteries of the universe!!  At least that’s what my inner voice just told me.






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