The Bad Example

Showing You A Life Lived Through Bad Examples

For some reason, going to the movies just isn’t the same any more for me. Not being a movie critic here or anything, but the experience just doesn’t seem to hold that special something anymore for me. Not sure why. Throughout my lifetime, going to the movies has always held such a special place in …

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One of the common frustrations that we all have shared in our lives is the one that involves sitting through some type of math class, ANY type of math class, and asking ourselves “Are we really going to use this in our adult lives?” And then, living those adult lives and finally coming to that …

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One of the reasons my hubby and I purchased the specific condo that we did was because of the beautiful view we have of the streets below. Our building is situated on the square of our little mid-sized city and right across from the original county courthouse. Just beautiful. Even our dogs will lay in …

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