The Bad Example

Showing You A Life Lived Through Bad Examples

One of the reasons my hubby and I purchased the specific condo that we did was because of the beautiful view we have of the streets below. Our building is situated on the square of our little mid-sized city and right across from the original county courthouse. Just beautiful. Even our dogs will lay in bed at night and just stare out at the lighted wonder that fills our view everyday.

So, naturally I got a pair of binoluars.

Over these last few years I have pulled them out and put them to good use in looking to see what kind of petition people are trying to have signed and they came in handy in trying to read all of the protest signs that showed up last year at the Women’s Rights Rally. But it wasn’t until the other night that I got caught. Eek!

Across the way there is a corner building that houses a bar on the bottom floor and the remaining upper five floors have apartments. All brick and windows, my husband had toured one of the apartments previously and he said they were amazing. So the other night, I happen to see one of the floor apartments had all of their window shades up and all of the lights on. Hmmm ….. it was like they were inviting me to have a look see! And I guess you are guessing how this little story bit ends – I got caught. Yikes!

But this started me thinking, in this day and age of people putting everything out there on social media from what they had for breakfast to what mood they were constantly in; what is the new definition of spying? Intimate details do not seem to be so intimate anymore. And if there isn’t a new definition, why not? Full disclosure here – I originally had asked about the definition of voyeurism but apparently voyeurism is all and only about gaining sexual pleasure from the spying. I had no idea. Now I am trying to recount the number of times, and to whom, I had called myself a voyeur because of me and my binocular activity. They must think I am such a perve!!

Everytime I look over now, even without my binny’s, and see all of my cross-the-way neighbor’s shades shut, and now shut all of the time, I feel guilty. But people wear glasses all of time don’t they to see things better? Aren’t my binoculars just a higher power of glasses? I wasn’t trying to read the prescriptions that were sitting on their dresser, or what their hind quarters looked like. I was just trying to look at the living quarters.

Am I just trying to justify my actions here? Do I even need to? This one will keep me up at night.

And yes, I will spend that time, under the cover of night, spying more. šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “The View from My Binoculars

  1. Jeff Cann says:

    I love your blog. You seem a lot like me: overly introspective and filled with self doubt. It’s not *illegal* to peek through windows… I checked. Is this a case of shared blame? If they don’t want to be (legally) watched, they can keep their shades drawn. I don’t have any window coverings on the back of my house. Anyone who creeps through the woods can watch all they want. Because there’s a boy scout camp back there, I have no doubt that kids do this once in a while at night, I guess I don’t care. Maybe if they had a beach chair and a beer and camped out watching, I might feel differently. Mostly I think this is a funny circumstance. Next up, you’ll be standing in line at the grocery with the person you spied on and they’ll recognize you. PS- My father does this on his street as well.


    1. Well right back atha – your blog is so amazing and I love how you mix things up. I haven’t worked up the courage to comment on other bloggers yet. Have nothing negative to say just ridiculously shy for some reason in that sense! Thanks for giving me some confidence. šŸ™‚

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      1. Jeff Cann says:

        As a blogger, I love comments. It’s hard sometimes to tell if others like them or find them annoying.


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