The Bad Example

Showing You A Life Lived Through Bad Examples


Let’s talk a minute about passive-aggressive people. Or what I really wanted to say there was “Let’s beat the shit out of passive-aggressive people.”

Now I have to tread lightly here because my betrothed reads this, well, he usually does after I ask him if he did; so maybe I am okay here after all. I just won’t ask him today.

Anyway, his passive-aggressiveness is one of the things about my hubby that reminds me daily that I love him so much; because if I didn’t I would already have buried his body somewhere. Deep. In a wooded area.

You see the best way to spot a P-A person is the questions.  “Why are you folding your clothes like that?” or “Why didn’t you turn the light on when you went into the kitchen?” Those ridiculously wide open questions that to be answered properly one would have to go into detail of their preferences and long-standing habits. Those types of questions tell me that what he really wants to say is “Hey Dumbass, don’t fold the clothes like that.” or “Dipshit, turn the light on in the kitchen when you go in there; you will be able to see better.”

And the thing that makes my teeth ache is that they are my clothes I am folding, not his, what the fuck does it matter how I fold them. You see, I consider myself a half-way decently smart person. I have a Masters Degree for fuck’s sake. And I know there is a difference between book smarts and street smarts. But take my word for it; if both my husband and I somehow survived a deadly virus that ended the world as we know it; I can guarantee you that I would have already utilized my street smarts and sold him for canned goods. He would still be wanting me around for the sex. So.

So why is this the topic of my blog today? Well, he just passive-aggressively pissed me off. And now that I think about it, I guess I am turning the tables on him and really getting him back on his own terms. By telling him off, with a strongly worded blog, how much more passive-aggressive can I get?

Take that bucko!

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