The Bad Example

Showing You A Life Lived Through Bad Examples


Throughout my life, I have run into a few people that after being around them for a while a certain phrase has always come to mind.

“There is a special place in Hell for this one.”  

But is there really?  And if there is, is that really what I would want?  I mean, remember Cunty-Carol?  I just know that she would have a front row seat in Hell if there is such a place.  But why?  It is true that she has made a career out of making other peoples lives miserable and this does seem to bring her joy, she hasn’t killed anyone. Maybe it is here that I should state “that we know of.”

You see, this is one of the things about organized religion that throws me off of it so much; the fact that even though they have these defined acts called sins, they also seem to make it so easy to be released from those sins and forgiven enough to be allowed into the Pearly Gates.  I take issue with the fact that a person can cause so much pain in another person’s life and not look back at all except on their deathbed to ask for this forgiveness and it be granted.  And quite honestly, to those who say forgiveness can only be granted to someone who is truly sorry for their deeds; OF COURSE THEY ARE TRULY SORRY WHEN THEY ARE DYING! Maybe it would be different for me if that at the time that a person is asking for true forgiveness, all of a sudden the heartache and pain that they had caused throughout their lives {POOF!} just went up in smoke; but that is never the case. All of that pain and suffering that they caused still exists.

Maybe a bigger problem isn’t the asking forgiveness part but how there are some people who don’t believe they have done anything wrong at all in the first place. Look at all of the Holy Wars that have taken place throughout the years and are still going on now.  Which side will go to Heaven and which side will go to Hell?

Big things to ponder this week.


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