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If you haven’t already guessed, I have a very open mind and heart about things. And please know that my reasons for typing away on this blog are not to change anyone else’s mind on things, it really is just to get these random thoughts and feelings out of my head and down on “paper.” For years, journaling has helped me to clear my head of all of the noise that these incidental realizations cause me. I can’t tell you how many nights I have lain awake rerouting my neighborhoods postal routes because an idea had struck me on how I could make it more proficient.

But remember, these are my scattered thoughts and feelings. I ask that if you disagree with me, comment on it.  Change my mind. Engage in dialogue. Debate the topic.  Just don’t judge.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get to today’s topic.  Prostitution. Why is this not legal?

Now I want to distinguish between selling your own body and selling someone else’s.  There is a big difference in that.  No one should be forced to have sex with anyone else, EVER.

But, if someone is competent and of legal age, why can’t they be self-employed? And if you really think about it, legalizing prostitution would only lead to improvements all the way around.

Stay with me for a few minutes on this. If selling sex was a legal trade, first of all, there would be a formalized education structure on sex. Even just the idea of having the opportunity to take some community education classes on sex would make a lot of men VERY HAPPY.  So, this would mean that sex throughout the world would or should get better.

I could even imagine that Pinterest would explode with lots of new ideas on how to shave up your nether regions to attract the most customers with lots of stickers and stamps and shit.

401k’s could be set up and taxes would be paid. Yes, it would drive the price of a blowjob up a bit but show me a man who wouldn’t pay a little extra for that.

Diseases and scabby areas would be a thing of the past because licenses and regulations would be established.  Maintaining clean inspections would be crucial for a person’s Yelp review.

Women and men would not have to stand out on the streets in those god-awful outfits and in reality, marriages could become stronger. Yes, they could. Think about it. Divorces happen when people cheat, yes, but not just cheating with their body.  A lot of times it is when their partner becomes more emotionally intimate with another person that hurts the most and cuts the deepest. If men, and sometimes women, could go and legally get their rocks off with someone else, and come home and not judge their spouse on how frigid they were, I am thinking sitting around the dinner table would be a ton more pleasant! I warned you I was very open-minded.

I know there would still be those scumholes that would take it even deeper and still try to sell under-aged children but police time and resources would be better spent finding these perverts than working all the stings on the average Joe or Jane that is just looking for a good orgasm.

And let’s circle back to the schooling part. If I didn’t want my hubbard to go paying for sex, I would sign up for those night classes entitled Achieving Orgasms, and we both would be happy.

Actually, Achieving Orgasms would be a great slogan on one of those Successory pictures you would find in a corporate office somewhere when selling sex becomes legal.

You can all thank me later for this grass-roots campaign!

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