The Bad Example

Showing You A Life Lived Through Bad Examples


Ah, vacation.  Or even better, the end of vacation.

Sometimes there is no better sound to a mom than the car engine shutting off and dad saying “we’re home” at the end of a long, “relaxing” vacation.

We took our two sons on an extended weekend trip to help all of us heal from deeds of the red-headed trollop. We knew that this weekend was going to be a tough one on our oldest son as it was the weekend of the red wedding. And it was exactly what he needed. We gave him a pass at doing anything or contributing in any way.  And I really think it helped.  So it was worth it but I have to say …. damn, I’m tired!

It seems it is sacrilegious to eat cereal or just normal foods on vacation. Noooo, my family needs bacon, eggs, and hash browns and that can only be the menu for one day. Thank the lord they didn’t request the orange juice be freshly squeezed! Then, of course, there needed to be steaks marinated and dips to be made, man, I am getting tired again just typing this shit. All the while I was picking up wet towels and bathing suits, making beds and doing laundry.

Yes, it does give me pleasure to do these things for my family and I am the type of mom that likes a clean and tidy house but now I need a vacation!

So this gets me thinking of what my perfect vacation would be.  Napping would be involved.  Eating, shopping, reading a good scary book – those would also take place.  A massage, no, multiple massages. A pedicure, a manicure – oooh and a facial. Pool time would be nice, but just the floating kind that allows one to still sip a nice alcoholic beverage without spilling.  And those ice cold beverages would be brought to me, at poolside and I wouldn’t even have to ask for them. But maybe the most important part of my perfect vacation would be me getting that free pass that we gave our son this past weekend.

I could see the ease that it put him in.  How he knew that it was okay for him to just sleep until noon and have no one riding him about it.  He ate when and what he wanted and truly relaxed. I feel like we could actually see him taking back control of his life. At least his actions.

It is a shame that we can’t always have “free passes” in our everyday lives.  I guess that would be chaotic, to say the least. As I look back now I realize that for the past 20-some years I have rarely given myself a free pass. And I think it is important to realize that in reality, I am the only one that can give myself that.

So, where’s my calendar?



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