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Wedding post

Not sure about you but weddings have really been a hot topic around our home recently. Whether it is an invitation, a conversation about how much to give the happy couple, or even a few plots on how to stop a ceremony from happening; these are all things that my hubby and I have had to deal with in regards to weddings recently.

And, just so you know, our plotting and planning paid off – just like the wedding is!

I do hate to be flippant about this but my oldest son (who is still only 23 years old) was planning on getting married the second weekend in June to a horrible little red-headed troll that already had caused so much pain and heartache in our otherwise peaceful family.  No matter how patient we were or how hard we gritted our teeth and allowed her snottiness to go unchecked; she still managed to ban us from the wedding festivities and turn my sweet firstborn into a sniffling groveling little pussy.

It all came down to money folks, and how much she could get out of him (us).  When she realized it would be nadda, zip, zilch, zero; she had to call the wedding off “for personal reasons.” Because she’s personally a beootch.  Anyway, my son is heartbroken, especially since she is already on Facebook with a new man.  I’m not saying she’s a hoe, but I think she’s been on more weiners than ketchup! (Am I bitter or what!?)

But with all this wedding talk going on, it has caused me to re-think, I mean think about mine.  Just kidding hubby. When me and mine got together it was under some pretty crappy conditions that yes, we created on our own.  But no one, not even some family members, thought we would make it this long.  Total transparency here, I will guiltily admit that every time we hear of someone from our past that is getting a divorce we do a little happy dance because fuck ’em, they never thought we would last! But here we are, still together.  We have our ups and downs just like any normal couple would and that is okay.

I remember during our first years together my go-to argument would be to threaten to leave.  How stupid was I?  The hubs quickly caught on to that and would open the door for me.  Then I tried the silent, frosty treatment.  Honestly, I still utilize that one from time to time but it really gets us nowhere.  I will say that since we have become empty nesters and there aren’t the boys running around and running interference for us, we kind of just get through the arguments a lot quicker it seems; and somehow that makes for much a happier marriage.  Instead of us trying to come up with ways to win the argument, we both seem to just try to come up with ways to get us through it.

I think that would be my advice; don’t follow my bad example of wasting years of your marriage trying to win, just try to get through the fight together.

That, and, don’t marry a red-headed whore.

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